Perfect World Entertainment and developer Gunfire Games have announced some terrific news regarding the state of their game, Remnant: From the Ashes. In today’s Remnantgame blog post they announced the game has surpassed 1 million units sold since launch. This is a massive milestone for a game that some might label as a sleeper hit.

The blog also shared some details on what is to cone, in the form of a handy roadmap.

Hardcore coming tomorrow!

The team is focused now on creating larger content updates beyond standard bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The first update comes tomorrow with the arrival of Hardcore Mode. We’re looking at permadeath here folks. To keep things fair, these hardcore characters can only play online with other hardcore characters, which is nice.

Here’s a trailer for the update as well.

This all looks great for the game, with even more content planned well into 2020.

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