Shenmue’s legacy is an important piece of gaming history. Originally started on SEGA’s final console, the series has became a cult classic due to it being one of the few good games on Dreamcast. Flash forward to Sony’s E3 2016 event, Yu Suzuki and Adam Boyes announce the Kickstarter for the next entry in the franchise: Shenmue III.

Thankfully, we know more titles will he coming in the future, as the series’ father Yu Suzuki has confirmed that the tale doesn’t end with the next entry. Speaking with The PlayStation Blog, Suzuki-san says the following when asked if III will close out the story:

The series will not end with Shenmue 3. Rushing to tie up the plot here would have made for a flat game. And I hope to continue the series as long as people are interested.

Yu Suzuki

Ultimately, this is fantastic news. The legend won’t end yet, and it means that they must’ve gotten a greenlight from THQ Nordic (the owner of Deep Silver) to make another game, or Suzuki-san will became independent for the next title, who knows!

Shenmue III launches on PS4 and PC on November 19th, 2019.

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