Alright, alright, alright. Before you go typing away and saying “lol no”, “jackass”, and all that shit, listen. Nintendo genuinely lacks originality.

I love Nintendo, but their ability to make an original idea isn’t common. That’s why I used Splatoon for the image of this article, it’s the perfect new IP from Nintendo.

You have so many new Mario and Zelda titles but hardly you’ll see a something fresh from Nintendo. Take Sony for example, nearly all of their studios since 2014 each one of them have created a new franchise. You can’t say the same for the other side of the pond. Now there are a few great and fresh titles like Ring Fit Adventure and Astral Chain, but majority of Nintendo Switch exclusives have been already established series.

It’s honestly, from my perspective at least, really annoying. I don’t want the same titles over and over and over again, something made from the ground up is so refreshing. Take Guerrilla Games for example, they had the long running Killzone franchise. They eventually made Horizon: Zero Dawn to break out of that mold and it was beyond incredible. It was extremely needed and paramount to the companies existence in my opinion since if they continued Killzone, the sales decline would end up having Guerrilla collapse.

Nintendo is amazing through and through, I just wish there would be a little more outside of the core franchises or hell, make the core franchises retired for even 5 years and let the teams make new ideas. Hell, even circle back to stuff like Advance Wars or Golden Sun, just put down some franchises for a few years and let others have the spotlight.

Thank you for reading this, you more than likely disagree, but we need some different content.

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