An often sad and depressing thing I see on the Internet a lot is people will say they like certain games just to fit into a group. It’s like people will be shamed through the streets of King’s Landing if they don’t like Persona or whatever the latest Mario game is. It is really frustrating and often times, for example, people will rag on me for playing games that are scored rather low on Metacritic.

Let’s make a situation out of what I just said. I genuinely enjoyed playing Agony. That’s sitting on a 34 on Metacritic and most times when brought up in conversation, I get told I’m an idiot for liking such a low rated game when they didn’t even play it. Then the opposite role takes into effect with highly rated titles. Look at Super Mario Odyssey, probably… 15 hours of the game was played and it was just a snooze fest for me. 3D Mario games don’t feel right to me and all I ever heard was that I’m a PlayStation fanboy so my opinion is invalid and stupid. Realistically, it doesn’t matter what side of the pond I’m even on since I can tell you straight up, Sony got some really fucking bad games. That doesn’t mean I will legitimately knock others for liking said games that don’t click with me, it’s just others have tastes that aren’t like mine.

There are over a billion gamers in this world. Whether you’re mobile only, someone who enjoys PC, or just wants the simplicity of console, we are in this together. There is no gain to saying a person’s opinion is invalid just because you don’t like the same games as them. We should embrace the diversity of gamers alike, and if we haven’t played a certain game that others have, grab a controller and start experiencing what everyone is talking about. It could be your new favorite or you might not like it at all, who necessarily knows until you try it. Being bullied or bullying people for not playing X doesn’t solve any issues.

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