The Guilty Gear Official Twitter dropped another trailer on the world yesterday, with two characters and a ton of gameplay!

Translation: [Video release] “New GUILTY GEAR (tentative)” latest trailer has been released! You can see the battle style of Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin!

So, Chip Zanuff and Potemkin are officially joining the roster, bringing revealed characters to 6 so far. Chipp has a slightly different costume witha gigantic rope belt, or Obi, and looks to be even faster than the previous Xrd iterations. Potemkin returns with his decidedly heavy metal appearance, and now sports a formidable arm cannon, which improves on how his moves looked considerably.

On top of these two iconic characters, we also get a better look at how gorgeous this game is going to run during regular matches. It’s smooth, fast, and contains more fluid and dynamic perspective changes that seem like they will be less jarring than in Guilty Gear Xrd. The dust moves also contain a glass breaking impact graphic that really helps to signify the weight of the moves, and that they connected for that matter.

Guilty Gear 2020 (tentative title) has no concrete release date or platform as of yet, but we will get a better look during Arcrevo America 2019 on November 16-17th, 2019 when the playable demo will be showcased.

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