The Nintendo Switch recently hit 10 million units sold in Japan, a number which includes the newly released Nintendo Switch Lite. The last time Nintendo disclosed this figure it was sitting just above 8 million units sold. Beating out Sony’s PlayStation 4 in the country. A stat which baffles me still.

The Nintendo Switch has sold a whopping 41.67 million units worldwide since its launch in 2017. Leaving the dead on arrival Wii U in the dust. This news comes after the Nintendo Switch has sold 10 million units in Europe and 15 million units in North America. We will see if the Switch can keep these number up when the next generation consoles are released next year (you assume).

With these impressive numbers we can’t be too far away from a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro model. Which I would be interested to see the specs and see if that would potentially help out any next generation competition.


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