Around 10 years ago I played on my phone hardcore. Tap Tap Revolution, Angry Birds, and Cartoon Warsw was my shit. However, in recent years I’ve moved to console gaming on PlayStation. I never was a fan of the pay to play or the ad supported games so any care realistically fell off for me since that’s all there was for games.

Enter Apple Arcade, a service where you can play over 80 titles completely ad free with no in-app purchases. It’s literally perfection, the ability to play whatever I feel like but at the same time having most of them be small games is essentially for mobile gaming. It filled in the hole that Nintendo Switch could never do for me. It was an extra piece of hardware that I had to lug around and took years to boot up with a subpar display on top of it all. Meanwhile I have my iPad Pro for work reasons with my phone always in my pocket with insane displays and DualShock 4 support so I could game wherever if wanted.

Super Impossible Road is an essential for me. Loading that shit up and cheesing my way throughout the maps is both frustratingly hard but simultaneously being excruciatingly fun. Big titles like Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Manifold Garden, The Bradwell Conspiracy, and The Mosaic just add to the overall package of a cheap price with incredible titles.

Honestly, this is what mobile gaming has been missing. Add in controller support for nearly every game, on top of its cheap $4.99/month for the entire family and its just perfect. I should more so say iOS gaming in general has been improving, with Call of Duty: Mobile, Journey, and The Swords of Ditto making their debut just within a few months ago.

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