Cory Barlog, Director of God of War II and God of War (2018) has started teasing a new project on Twitter.

In morse code, it reveals 55HS SIE. Which SIE stands for Sony Interactive Entertainment, while 55HS… it beats me.

The project is referred to as Internal-7, with a team of over 110 people on it. It was canceled in 2017 and the team merged into the God of War (2018) team after 37 months of pre-production.

This is the same IP known as Darkside, which was a sci-fi shooter. It’s very interesting, given the studio was known for action games, not shooters. Shannon Studstill, the Head of Santa Monica Studio, said it “is a dream that died”.

His entire profile has become space themed too, hinting at the revival of the sci-fi IP.

Here’s hoping that this is indeed what Cory Barlog is teasing, as Darkside/Internal-7 looked insane.

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