Pokémon Sword and Shield launch in less than one week but it looks like Nintendo is allowing consumers to cancel their digital preorders. According to a Reddit user U/sQuBNsc26U9whKWJ after a short chat with a Nintendo of America’s representative they were able to cancel their digital preorder for the upcoming Pokémon games.

Just an FYI it is possible. I used their live support chat, explained why I was upset with the misleading promotion for the game (so many cut Pokémon). The agent said she would forward it to management where they would decide. And I got this email today: (picture above). So they are aware of our annoyance and will refund preorders.

It’s still possible that even if you tell Nintendo you want to cancel your preorder they won’t honor this and with the game releasing in one week who knows what will happen next. The last game that Nintendo allowed refunds for a preorder was Overwatch but with 1st party games it was Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE.

Pokémon Sword and Shield releases on November 15th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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