Microsoft has offered promotions to Game Pass users before like subscriptions to Spotify Premium, so this sint something new to Microsoft’s stellar subscription service.

Discord 9.8.3 beta for Android has revealed some strings that very firmly suggest that something similar will be offered with DIscord’s Nitro subscription, where owning Xbox Game Pass will award the users with 3 free months of Discord Nitro.

No official announcement of this promotion has been made by Discord or Microsoft, but these strings contained in the Discord Beta are a very palpable clue of this happening.

  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_redeem_body”Since you have Xbox Game Pass, you get 3 months of Nitro for free!/string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_body”Sorry, only new subscribers are eligible for this offer./string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_title”Oh no!/string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_body””Since you have a boost subscription, we’ll give you Nitro subcription credit. Nitro credit will be applied when you subscribe to **%1$s**.”/string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_button”Redeem/string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_body”You now have Nitro Credit! Subscribe to **%1$s** today to apply your Nitro credit./string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_title”Nice!/string
  • string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_title”Subscription Credit/string

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