Dragalia Lost will be rerunning its Kindness and Captivity Event starting at 1:00 AM (EST), November 13. 

Following an attack from the empire, during which her village’s guardian dragon was captured, a sylvan girl named Melsa has come to the Halidom seeking aid. Under Melsa’s guidance, the prince and friends make their way to the forest village, but what lies in wait is an underhanded empire trap!

This is a raid type event. The two “Free to play” characters obtainable are Melsa, a four star dagger-wielding Flame Adventurer and Sylvia, a five star Wind Dragon. Its exclusive Wyrmprint is Better Together, which gives sleep resistance, and increase in strength when HP is 70% or above, and Hypno’s Bane, which deals more damage to the event’s raid boss Hypnos.

Alongside the event, a Summon Showcases will be running featuring two characters: a bow-wielding five star Flame Adventurer named Chelsea, and a Flame Dragon named Kagutsuchi.

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