Yacht Club Games has today announced via their Twitter, that the long awaited Shovel Knight King of Cards and the not so long awaited but just as anticipated Shovel Knight Showdown will release on December 10th. The treasure trove amigo 3-pack which features an amino figure of Plague Knight, Spectre Knight and King Knight. The Shovel Knight golden amiibo and the Treasure Trove physical edition will also launch the same day. Unfortunately due to an unforeseen manufacture issue, if you want the Treasure Trove physical edition on PlayStation 4, you’ll have to wait until early 2020.

Shovel Knight King of Cards is the third and final expansion for Shovel Knight which released in 2014. The last expansion was Spectre of Torment which released in 2017, launching the same day as the Nintendo Switch. Shovel Knight Showdown is a battle mode of sorts featuring Shovel Knight and a parade of different characters to choose from. No word yet on Shovel Knight Dig. Have you been looking forward to these Shovel Knight games? Let us know.

For Yacht Club Games official announcement you can read it here.

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