Yesterday the Google Stadia team held an AMA on Reddit and you guessed it, it didn’t go well. Twitter user Russell Holly (below) kept an eye on the proceedings and picked out some absolute corkers.

The most baffling revelation from this AMA is that your Chromecast Ultra, that you have right now in your possession won’t work for launch but will be updated in the near future. I imagine there are people out there who wanted Stadia at launch but didn’t want to spend the asking price for the founders edition, and bought a standalone Chromecast Ultra for about $50-$70 (or there about). Imagine how they feel right now. This is information that should have been presented before now.

You can read through Russell Holly’s thread to get the best bits of the AMA, like how iOS is slated for “eventually” and that family sharing won’t be available at launch. This should have been branded Early Access because as the days go by Google Stadia is becoming a harder and harder sell.

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