If you were basically anywhere on the gaming scene this year, you’ve probably heard of the mess that was EA and BioWare’s Anthem. Toted as BioWare’s next massive project, the game was heavily ridiculed at launch. Now, BioWare is looking to redeem it with the tentatively-titled “Anthem Next.”

Little has currently been decided on Anthem Next, even down to how it will be distributed- as a wave of small updates, one massive update, or even as a brand new game entirely. One thing we know for sure is that existing Anthem players will not have to pay full price for Next.

Some overhauls that will be coming include to the world itself, the loot, social system, story progression, and difficulty. Eventually, this may lead to full-blown restructuring of Anthem, according to one developer on the shooter. With this out to the public, it’s clear that Anthem is not a deal project, and BioWare is very much looking to fix what went wrong during the troubled development to make the experience a great one. With a lot of hope and a lot of effort, the acclaimed role-playing game studio can turn Anthem from the joke of 2019 to a well-oiled machine.


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