Yeah, yeah, everybody’s raving about Sonic’s new design and it’s very true that it looks absolutely fantastic. However, what many people are regarding much less is… every other aspect of the film.

First of all, Sonic’s voice acting, done by Ben Schwartz, is energetic and fun. He captures Sonic’s character well. Not perfectly, but he gets the job done. In addition, everybody’s excited for Jim Carrey as Robotnik, and for good reason. Many of his roles involve him acting wildly and it fits the character excellently (ex. Liar Liar).

One of the most impressive aspects of the trailer is music choice. The baseball scene has an incredibly catchy excerpt of Green Hill mixed with bouncy music that I can’t stop listening to. Near the end of the trailer, the song already playing has extra beats added that may or may not reference the theme of “Rooftop Run” from Sonic Unleashed. This extra attention to detail shows clear care for the source material (not to mention Sonic’s design, thanks Tyson Hesse!)

All in all, Sonic will probably be great. Hopefully it shows just how well video game movies can do, just like Pokémon: Detective Pikachu earlier this year. And if it stinks, then maybe SEGA will learn a lesson and improve for a potential sequel (cause let’s be honest here, it’s Sonic. It’ll do well).

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