Uncharted’s mother Amy Hennig has opened up a new studio at Skydance Media, the film studio that produced Terminator: Dark Fate, World War Z, and Baywatch. Despite creating Uncharted, she also directed Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver at Crystal Dynamics.

Former Electronic Arts executive Julian Beak joins Hennig in this company, which she’s been at EA for an extremely long time.

Hennig says that her games will appear on traditional platforms on top of streaming services, plus she aims to push the boundaries of “story-focused experiences”. Furthermore, they’ll be accessible to both the casual and hardcore audiences.

Hennig left Visceral Entertainment in January of 2017, less then a year after the studio shut down in October 2017. She’s been at this studio for some time at Skydance, although she didn’t comment on how far along her game is.

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