In a recent interview Phil Spencer talked a bit about how he wants Xbox Game Studios to create more RPGs. In the interview he talks about how the newest acquisitions of Obsidian and inXille will be helping to create more RPGs for the Xbox brand in the near future, their most recent RPG release was The Outer Worlds which got great reviews and with Wasteland 3 coming out on May 19th it seems that they want to return to the time where they had big hits like Mass Effect and Fable.

RPGs are stepping up for us. When I think Mass Effect 1, which I worked on, Jade Empire, Fable I remember we had really staked out RPGs as something that was important. As we’re watching Xbox Game Pass grow and grow, we’re seeing more genres enter, and whether it’s genres that used to be popular and coming back or creators trying new things because they have an audience that’s always there and they can think how to deliver stories to those people. Looking forward, I do think RPG is an area we should focus.

Source: True Achievements

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