Sony Interactive Entertainment has a new patent for what could be a potential DualShock 5. It’s extremely similar to the DualShock 4, which Wired has said when they had access to the prototype Sony supplied them.

It seems there’s a slit in the middle which could be a clip you can open to charge the controllers, that’s just speculation on my end. The touchpad also drops that massive strip of light, instead it has a little tiny grill on the top which might be a new light bar potentially.

The sticks also appear to be smaller, same goes for the Options/Share buttons as they’re not touching the rings around the d-pad or the main buttons. Notably, the light bar on the back appears to be missing too, as it seems to be clear of anything at all but a tiny slit.

The DualShock 5 adds USB-C and haptic triggers. There are plenty of more unknown features that will be announced at a later date.

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