Update: Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx, it’ll be unveiled this Thursday, November 21st, at 10am PT.

After a very long 12 years since Half-Life 2 Episode 2 has come out, it looks like we may get a glimpse of Valve’s next project at this year’s The Game Awards. The yearly award show is known for dropping some high profile reveals and there would be no better place to bring Half-Life back to the masses. It also appears that it will be a VR title for Valve Index and goes by the name “Half Life: Alyx”.

In the Valve community, there have been many data miners, like Tyler McVicker (who runs the Value News Network) who have been searching through the code of various Valve projects because you can find pieces of code from upcoming projects. One of those projects that have been found frequently is codenamed Half-Life VR.

The data mines suggest that the game will be a prequel to Half Life 2 and will involve Alyx in the story. If true, this is an interesting setting for the game as we will get to see what was happening in Alyx’s life before meeting her in Half-Life 2. As mentioned before, the game will take advantage of the Valve Index virtual reality hardware and will use the Index controllers that come with the hardware.

Tyler McVicker’s content is excellent and he has many videos on the Half-Life VR leaks and data mines, as well as other Valve projects such as the rumored Left 4 Dead 3. Please check out Valve News Network for more.

And while we still don’t have a conclusion to Episode 2’s massive cliffhanger (unless you count Epistle 3), a game centered around one of Half Life’s most intriguing characters will do. This series is one gaming greatest works and it will be great to have it back in the spotlight again.

Source: All You Need To Know About Half-Life: VR – Alyx

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