Xbox and Japan don’t really mix. The console is irrelevant in the country, and games from Japan rarely make it over to the console. This has been a problem to many for quite some time, and Phil Spencer has been promising that more Japanese games are on their way.

Well…it finally happened.

At Microsoft’s XO2019, two major series were announced to be coming to Xbox after years and years of Xbox gamers asking for them. Yakuza, and Kingdom Hearts.


Yes, after years and years of waiting, Xbox gamers are finally getting these two series that they have been asking for! I’ve been right there on the front lines with you, asking for these games to come to Xbox since the 1.5 and 2.5 collections were announced so it’s very personal to see these games finally come over. It doesn’t hurt that Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favorite series ever made and Yakuza is also an amazing series.

Seeing these games on Xbox is a good feeling.

More importantly tho, it shows that Phil meant what he said. More Japanese support IS coming and this show proved it to us! It was exactly what Xbox needed and it has me much more excited for the future of the platform.

Now Square…

Switch and PC port next?

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