Sirlin Games is beyond happy to let everyone know that Fantasy Strike, the gorgeous 2D fighter will be adding Cross-Play between PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, and Linux. In a blog post, the developers spoke about the troubles of getting full Cross-Play and how it’ll benefit the game:

Since our launch on July 25th, we have already had the most crossplay that was possible due to Sony’s restrictions, which was to allow crossplay between PS4/Steam and between Switch/Steam. Sony has finally allowed us to convert to full crossplay amongst all our platforms, which we will deploy next month.

Specifically, this means that players on any platform will be able to play against players on any other platform when entering the casual play and ranked play queues. Also, players will be able to directly challenge other players (to matches in both the 1v1 character format and 3v3 team battle format) without needing to know or care which platform the other player is on. You simply add the player’s FantasyTag to your in-game friends list, then you can challenge or spectate them from there with one click.

As an indie fighting game dev, crossplay means the world to us. More so than many other genres, a fighting game needs a united player base in order to achieve fast queue times, fair matches, and the highest level of competition. Our queue times have already been good, with an average wait of less than 90 seconds across all hours of the week. With full crossplay, it will be even faster.

Unfortunately, a specific date hasn’t been reached. Hopefully it can release at the beginning of December.

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