Update; Pokémon: Sword & Shield sold 6 million units in 3 days worldwide, not a week.

The latest Pokémon games have reached over 6 million units sold in its first week worldwide, The Pokémon Company have confirmed. With all the backlash of Dexit and Poké fans of the series not happy with how the game runs, it’s still not surprising one of the biggest franchises in the world has sold a lot in its opening week. Pokémon Sword and Shield have also become the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game since the console’s launch back in 2017. Congrats to the developers!

It’s just been reported by Business Wire that the game has sold over 2 million in the United States alone and by extension making it the highest grossing launch for any Pokémon game ever.

Have you picked up the new Pokémon games yet? Are they good if you have? Let us know!

Thanks for the tip Serebii on Twitter!

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