2K made the unfortunate announcement today via their support site about the demise of Battleborn. Arguably making the mistake of going toe to toe with the new Blizzard IP, Overwatch at the time (2016). The writing was sadly on the wall from the start. The announcement can be read below.

This is a real shame and the gloomy future that we can look forward to with games that don’t catch the eyes of the masses. You won’t be able to play the game after January 2021, although the game’s virtual currency will no longer be able to be purchase after February 24th, 2020. Then you will get to spend it until the following January. Then the game will no longer be officially playable.

Are you upset by this new? Let us know if you were a keen player of Battleborn and what kept you interested in the game.

Thanks for the tip Wario64 on Twitter! You can see 2K’s support site here.

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