Media Molecule’s Dreams has surpassed 100K players in Early Access so far. Given the game is not released yet and community content is flowing in like crazy, you’d expect the player count to be way higher.

In the latest AIAS’s Game Maker’s Notebook, Media Molecule’s Community Manager Abbie Heppe confirmed that this was the player count so far. Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to be extremely happy with the results with how much everyone is promoting the game and not being radio silent.

When the game fully launches, it’ll be supported by PS VR which is where I personally believe the game will do extremely well at. Media Molecule would also like to bring the game to PC, that alone will be a major boost since mouse and keyboard is absolutely easier to create content then controllers. So that will be attractive to the PC market.

Dreams is coming exclusively to PS4 and PS VR in 2020.

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