Nvidia has released a brand new update for Quake II RTX that heavily increased texture quality as well as adding a boat load of new ray-tracing features across all scenes. Released in June, Quake II RTX alone was a massive upgrade compared to the original game, but this just heightens it tenfold.

1.2 is the top image in all shots, with 1.1 on the bottom.

In this scenario, there is way more 3D elements since the bricks are pushed in, alongside tons of more natural lighting from the lava.

Textures overall have improve, as well as adding additional lights. On the side of the glass, the metal sees a stellar bump in polygons. In the background with the metal pipes, that area is more defined.

Here we see endless reflections through the mirrors thanks to additional ray-traced features. The lighting has also been shifted to a yellowish fixture than the initial tan color, making the area brighter.

Heavier mirrors have enhanced reflections, going from blurry to high resolution. The lighting also have a color shift.

Rays through water is now added too, which lights up the area a little more with light bounce.

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