Update: Kotaku’s Jason Schreier: “Not sure if the “trying to surprise Sony” part is quite right — common sense would suggest that, like with the Xbox One, Microsoft is just running behind schedule and will launch pretty hot — but I’ve talked to a few third-party developers who said they were frustrated by the lack of info on Scarlett, especially compared to Prospero.”

Source: ResetEra

Senior Editor for The Verge Tom Warren has spoken out on Twitter saying that Xbox “Project” Scarlett doesn’t have many development kits out in the wild.

This is worrying, as both PS5 and the next Xbox launch next Holiday and there are a ton of devs that have been working on titles for Sony’s machine (list of PS5 games). It appears Microsoft wants to “surprise” Sony in terms of power, given the nature of the industry though, Sony and Microsoft already know the exact power of each others machines like with PS4/Xbox One and PS4 Pro/Xbox One X.

The fight for power won’t be that much of a big deal, as both companies claim 4K, 8K, and 120fps support for their consoles, so specs couldn’t be that different per say.

Xbox “Project” Scarlett launches in Holiday 2020.

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