I understand PlayStation VR is far behind literally every other major VR headset, but what Valve needs to remember is it is the biggest market.

PlayStation VR is humongous, hell, it’s the best selling premium VR headset on the market by a large stretch. If Valve is selling a massive, juggernaut IP like Half-Life in VR, you think they’d want to have the game sell an insane amount of units to prove VR is worth it, right?

Some of the blame is on Sony’s end. They’ve definitely gave up a lot of care for VR in recent years. With games like Ace Combat, Resident Evil, Borderlands, and so many others were timed exclusives and from the full exclusive point of view they had Iron Man, Astro Bot, alongside so many others, you’d imagine Sony would want a huge IP like this to come to PS VR, even if it’s just multiplatform.

Hell, FaceBook is snapping up developers now and is making big franchises like Medal of Honor, Assassin’s Creed (which Sony usually has exclusives for like Bloodlines and at the time Liberation) and Splinter Cell exclusive to their headset. So whatever multiplatform big names Sony could get is very important.

There is also the technical standpoint. Not only is PS VR limited by PS4’s power, but also its extremely subpar tracking. It would be mapped to a DualShock 4 though instead of needing to use your hands like the PC VR side of things.

Dare I say, Half-Life: Alyx could probably cross a million units on PS VR alone since the install base is nearing 5 million units. Please Valve, bring Alyx over. Even just for PS5’s PS VR to have more power, it would be better than nothing.

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