Today Nintendo finally revealed vers. 2 of Super Mario Maker 2. A welcome addition to the game that released earlier this year. The update will include brand new course parts, including the frozen coin, Pokey and the rather cool, Master Sword power up from The Legend of Zelda. This will transform Mario into Link, giving him new abilities like sword attack, dash attack and the ability to block with your shield. You can also use bombs and arrows which looks to add more depth. Nintendo have finally added a new mode called Ninji Speedruns, this is essentially an online race where you race other players ghosts from around the world. The content update will drop on December 5th. There is a video that breaks down the new content which can be seen below.

Does this make you want to head back into Super Mario Maker 2 or are you done with the experience now? Be sure to let us know and don’t be afraid to share your levels with us on Twitter.

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