According to Russian journalist Anton, Horizon: Zero Dawn is heading to PC in February 2020.

Apparently this is to boost sales for a sequel that’ll come exclusively to PS5 and is a way to get PC gamers to get a console and to spread awareness of the franchise. Games like God of War won’t be coming according to him, which it’s on PS Now so he’s definitely meaning a full on port for Horizon.

While it could in theory happen because DECIMA is on PC thanks to Death Stranding, I honestly don’t believe this rumor. Jim Ryan is trying to get as many exclusives as possible, sending some away wouldn’t make any sense. Not to mention that he’s been wrong in the past, claiming there’d be a “Hellblade 0” alongside a sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice and neither has happened. He also said Fear would make a return. However, he has been right before with Death Stranding coming to PC, so he does have correct information but at the same time it’s a grain of salt type deal.

Not only that, but Horizon doesn’t need recognition, as it’s a brand new IP that surpassed 10 million units in the span of 2 years. So there isn’t any need for a port.

Media Molecule wants to bring Dreams to PC, so maybe, just maybe Horizon is coming. There’s another Horizon title potentially in development outside of a sequel.

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