Riot Games announced early today that it will be publishing games under the name Riot Forge with some big announcements coming real soon. Riot Forge is set to be a publishing banner for Riot Games where they will collaborate with third parties to create new experiences set in the League of Legends universe. While just announced today their first game will be revealed at the 2019 Game Awards which is set for December 12th, when asked about the difference between Riot Forge and Riot Games they had the following to say.

Riot Forge is a publishing label within Riot Games that complements Riot’s research and development program. Our focus is to work with experienced studios outside of Riot Games to create bespoke “completable” League of Legends games. These games will be created and developed by our partner studios and published by Riot Forge. Each game we release will expand the League of Legends universe and allow players to experience League like never before.

Source: Gematsu

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