Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who is essentially the most reliable source in gaming history, has said in Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast that many PS5 games will be fully exclusive.

This is like when PS4 launched and we never saw Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, or inFamous: Second Son on PS3. A lot of PS5 games won’t arrive on PS4 according to Schreier.

I’ve heard some of the PS5 launch titles — I won’t say them yet as I’m probably going to do a report on that stuff in the future — but those will be PS5-only. Some of the stuff I’ve heard about that is PS5-only.

Jason Schreier

Personally, I see this as a great thing as this means developers are giving us games built from the ground up for this hardware which means we’ll see a true generational jump rather than the same games just in 4K/60.

For every game confirmed for PS5, we have a list for you to check out.

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