Nintendo has had a few amazing presidents in its lifetime, and most agree that Satoru Iwata stood strong as the best they’ve ever had.

As I tear up remembering the legend himself, I often think of this quote when he pops up in my mind around certain events like this: “On my business card, I’m a corporate president. In my mind, I’m a game developer. But in my heart, I’m a gamer”.

Iwata-san was a class act, who even took a cut of his own pay when 3DS and Wii U first launched since he believed in his workers and didn’t want them to be laid off. That’s pure love, and something that is considered absolutely admirable.

I think you for all your hard work Iwata-san and pray you’re happy in your afterlife knowing Nintendo is kicking ass across the world with Nintendo Switch, the final console you’ve envisioned. You were something beyond incredible and will be forever missed in the hearts of gamers.

Satoru Iwata died at the age of 55 on July 11th, 2015.

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