• Developer: 343 Industries
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC
  • Release Date: December 3rd, 2019
  • Price: $39.99 (Master Chief Collection) or $9.99 (solo)
  • Reviewed on: PC
  • Review Code Provided: No

Dear…..shit, who do I direct this one to? Bungie made Reach, then passed it to Microsoft to work on Destiny, who gave it to 343 Industries, fuck!

Dear Microsoft,

Going with you guys since you own the IP!

Hi, my name is Ian ‘Wolf’. You likely don’t know me and that’s ok. My review writing schedule has been crap as of late and I am WAY late to the party writing about Halo Reach. Yet, here I am. And here we are, nearing the end of the decade and ending it the same way we started it. With Halo Reach on PC.

Originally Reach came out on Sept 14th, 2010 (Thank you for the awesome birthday present by the way) for the Xbox 360. Where the player takes control of a spartan with the designation simply ‘Noble 6’ and proceeds to have the worst/best event of their military career. Dealing with the covenant and the fall of Reach.

Reach was Bungie’s ‘Swan Song’. Their last project of the Halo series and is arguably one of their best installments. The focused story telling, the even pacing from beginning to end, and a even spot light on each character. Showing Noble’s strength as individuals and as a unit as well as their flaws.

If you are like me and played Halo Reach when it came out nearly ten years ago, play it. It is the Reach I know and remember. Given some modern updates to both graphics and keyboard/mouse support. It still plays best with a controller, but accepts keyboard and mouse just as well. The options menu actually gives you all the options you’d expect in a modern shooter, FOV sliders, audio sliders, keybindings, controller options, with the benefits of keeping the UI and graphics to the original look for maximum nostalgia, or updated for a more modern play type.

Sadly though, the gem has aged and it shows in places. In the early areas of the game, the gun sound effects are out of sync or muted, the driving AI is laughably bad (was in the original release), and the flying sections are jagged in their path-finding. Moving from point to point in a straight line, only turning when they hit the point. Making it feel like I’m on a ski-tram rather then a helicopter. Though these are small problems and frankly issues the original game had. Rather then go with a full blown remaster, they have simply ported Halo Reach to modern PC with the rest of the Halo series coming soon (Up to Halo 4).

Now I have not gone into the multiplayer or the firefight mode yet. Though from what I have heard and seen thus far, it is as it should be. All the original game modes, from small 1v1’s to large scale 8v8’s, Slayer to Oddball, with all the Reach maps currently. All the standard Reach unlocks are up for grabs as well. Unlocked by, playing the game.

Yes, shocking that they aren’t behind a micro-transaction wall. Everything that was in the original game, is up for grabs by just putting in a few matches each night. Some obviously will take longer then others, though they have adopted an unlock track found in many battle royals. Season unlocks that I haven’t discovered how they unlock yet.

That being said, so long as something doesn’t change drastically between now and when the next games are released for the collection, I will do another Multiplayer focused review later once everything comes out. Or, if something significant changes between now and then.


Ian ‘Wolf’

Final Score: 9/10 – Could have taken the time to fix a few minor things, though ultimately did not mess with perfection.

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