With PlayStation Vita turning 8 in just a few months, loyal fans of this handheld still have a few Japanese and indie games to look forward to. While Limited Run Games had to drop support due to physical cartridge production ending, various others are still committed to Sony’s forgotten child.

Indie game developer and publisher Ratalaika Games has pledged support for PS Vita in 2020. They note that there are multiple games still coming and not just a single release.

As for another indie and Japanese developer and publisher, we have EaseAsiaSoft. They still have “plenty” of games lined up for 2020 with new releases still being signed which is absolutely bonkers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that Sony currently has no plans to make another handheld and that they have left the market. PlayStation Vita was Sony’s 2nd handled, released in 2012 and becoming PlayStation Portable’s successor.

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