Microsoft seem to be getting ready to fully reveal their plans for next-gen consoles. It seems Microsoft is working on two SKU’s, one called Lockhart, and the other Anaconda. Lockhart seems to be a lower end model geared as a cheaper entry point for next-gen consoles, while Anaconda is a higher end model with higher end specs. We don’t know when they will come out, but we seem to have an idea of what the specs are.

Now take everything here with a grain of salt as they are rumors, but they seem to come from credible sources. According to many sources it seems that the Anaconda is targeting 12 teraflops (TF), and the Lockhart is aiming for 4TF. For comparison the Xbox One X has 6TF, and the Xbox One S has 1.4. Now TF doesn’t tell us everything, Microsoft seems to planing a good amount of custom tech to take these consoles farther. We already know ray-tracing will be used in some way, and while Lockhart has less raw power than the X, it should have more capabilities to take it farther in many ways.

Both SKU’s seem to have eight CPU cores targeting 3.5GHz, with Anaconda reaching a bit higher per core. With optimization the Anaconda couple perform four to five times better than an X. The Anaconda will also have 16GB of ram, 13 of which will be used for games while 3 will be for the OS. For comparison the X offers a maximum of 9GB for games, which often varies based on how much is being used for the OS. Microsoft has also said that the SSD could be used for virtual RAM if necessary. Anaconda and Lockhart seem to be using a proprietary NVMe SSD, which should drastically decrease load times.

The consoles will also run all games that can be played on the Xbox One, including backwards compatible ones. Games should also be able to run games at high and steady frame rates on the Anaconda. That seems to be all we know for now, again these are rumors so take them with a grain of salt. We still have a set release date, but we’ll let you know when that happens.

Source: Windows Central

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