Sony Interactive Entertainment is hiring to help improve PlayStation Now so it can come to “any device” to bring “console-quality video games” to more platforms than just PlayStation.

This isn’t surprising, as PlayStation Now’s initial announcement covered PS3, PS4, PS Vita, phones, tablets, and smart TVs. It currently is on PS4 and PC, and with PS5 also getting the service, we likely will see it on mobile too as expansions continue.

As a part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Cloud Gaming Engineering and Infrastructure (CGEI) team is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device.

As a Software Engineer on the Cloud Back-End Engineering team, you’ll play a key role in the design and development of server-side applications for cloud automation on a large geographically distributed infrastructure.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

I really hope all these improvements include 4K and HDR, as PS Now is capped at 1080p/60 unfortunately. Also adding 7.1 surround sound would make it match Google Stadia which is exactly what Sony needs to do in order to keep toe to toe with all its competitors.

MLB: The Show 21 is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Scarlett, and Nintendo Switch on top of PS4 and PS5. Meanwhile, fellow Worldwide Studio Media Molecule wants to bring Dreams to PC.

Source: LinkedIn

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