Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment, San Diego Studio, and the MLB have announced they’ve renewed contracts for MLB: The Show to continue for multiple years. While that’s amazing, there’s a single downside; MLB is forcing the games to be multiplatform.

Now, while in most cases this is a great thing as more gamers get to experience these games, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows over at Sony’s sports studio. According to LinkedIn, the studio only houses around 120 developers across 3 different teams; MLB, a secondary team working on a 3rd person action title, and a mobile team working on bringing PlayStation games to iOS and Android.

So what does this mean? It means there isn’t a large amount of staff working on the MLB games then. Sure, there’s Visual Arts which assists with facial capture, but that’s only a fraction of the game. That stress is off San Diego, but now there’s multiple times the stress since Xbox One, Xbox Scarlett, and Nintendo Switch are brought into the mix. More and more developers within the studios will need to work on the ports, which mind you PS5 is also going to be thrown in the mix. This essentially halts most innovation with the team being spread so thin.

It really is tragic the series likely will encounter way more bugs alongside less time for adding exciting new features to the yearly iteration of the only AAA baseball game left. Hopefully San Diego Studio expands heavily, as this won’t bode well for the studio.

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