Question: Did you know of Hideo Kojima before working on this game?

TEJ: Uh… Honestly, not to the extent, but I may have come across the name at some point of just working on various video games in the past; his name popped up. But I’m not a gamer and so I knew of the Metal Gear franchise but I really didn’t make the connection neccisarily with him and that whole side of things. So in a way, no, I did not know of him beforehand.

Question: How was it working with the other actors on set?

TEJ: Working with them was amazing. Most of my work was dealt with between Mads and Norman, really, and there were a few moments where I worked with Emily O’ Brian who played Amelie, who was motion captured by Lyndsay Wagner. So I enjoyed that process a great deal; everyone was very much in the same boat, in some cases confused, trying to understand the story as we worked along. None of us were given a full script from beginning to end. I certainly wasn’t, so I could only work on information that was fed to me at that moment in time and dealing with that particular script that we were working with for whatever particular scene it was that day, but y’know everyone was great, everyone was in it 100% and I couldn’t have hoped for a better group of people to work with.

Question: What was the creative process like? Did Kojima allow you to improvise?

TEJ: I think we were allowed to, but the script was pretty straight-forward, everything was there, getting from A to B, in terms of that. There were moments where I could feel like we needed to do something that wasn’t necessarily on the paper; I think we always were trying to do what the script asked and what the script required. Then maybe in another take, you might try and do something a little bit different or try to add to the scene so it feels closer to you as that character and adding a little bit of yourself to it. You could improvise a little bit but most everything was scripted and you could change something so it feels more comfortable for you as the actor so that it can become more realistic if it needed to be.

Question: What is your favorite line said by Diehard-Man?

TEJ: I saw this question and I was like, “I have so much dialogue in this game… How do you find a favorite line?” I think it’s not necessarily my favorite line but it’s a line that people will recognize and will become synonymous with my character. There’s not much to it but I think it’s, “Sam, We need you to go west and finish what Amelie started.”, because that is the start of his mission, his request, and I think it is the whole point of him going west to reconnect and find Amelie and bring her back home. That is such an important thing and that’s the whole point, that’s what we need him to do. But, there’s something in the wording of that and it’s probably a favorite line, I suppose, in a way, but it’s one that I think is very simple but it says so much. Especially when you start to play the game because you have no idea what’s ahead of you.

Final Question: Would you work with Kojima again?

TEJ: In a heartbeat. With no questions asked, of course, I would work with him again. Absolutely.

Those are just a few of the questions asked to Tommie Earl Jenkins, but if you would like to hear what he has to say about the end of the game and some of the more spoilery parts of the game, please click the link below to watch the entire interview.

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