When Google Stadia was announced, Google touted most games would run at 4K/60 with some exceptions. That’s fine, a few games could run at 4K/30 we guess.

Well, that’s not what we’re seeing. Final Fantasy XV is running at only 1080p/30. That matches it up on par with PS4, meanwhile Xbox One X, a weaker piece of hardware compared to Google Stadia, runs the game at a higher framerate if you want 1080p as it can reach up to 60fps.

This might not be on Google though, as Square Enix is the publisher bringing it over to Stadia, so it might be on their end of not optimizing or using the streaming platform’s full potential. It’s not even on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X level of pure quality either, as texture filtering is the same as base PS4.

Source: Digital Foundry (Eurogamer)

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