Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, essentially the best and most credible leaker in the industry, has said on Twitter that he “cannot put that rumor to bed” when referring to the Horizon: Zero Dawn port that was mentioned for PC by a Russian journalist to promote the sequel of the game on PS5.

When Schreier was asked if he thinks it has a chance to come to PC, he simply replied with “I do”

Now, this doesn’t confirm or deny anything, but it’s strange Jason didn’t straight up say it isn’t happening and instead said it in a mysterious way. Guerrilla Games is working on the next entry in their open world RPG IP, so this could be marketing material for the sequel. However, the game surpassed 10 million copies sold and has been universally praised, even winning Game of the Year awards (and our very own Game of the Decade award). So marketing issues doesn’t seem that big of a deal since it’s so known.

A spinoff to the series is apparently in development by another Worldwide Studio, London Studio. That might come to PC as well, as it’s fully unknown how Sony will treat the series to promote Guerrilla’s upcoming game.

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