Looking for some mecha action? Level 5 has announced, or rather, re-announced, Megaton Musashi for PS4, Switch, and iOS to release in 2020. This is an action RPG where you take control of giant mechas and do battle. Though, if you haven’t been following this game until now, this was initially supposed to release a few years back- on everyone’s favorite little handheld that they also all wished would die, the Nintendo 3DS.

If Armored Core, Zone of the Enders, or even the recent Daemon X Machina suits your fancy, you may be interested in this one while we wait for a localization. Or you could just play the Japanese version if language barrier won’t be a problem for you. You do you. Megaton Musashi releases in Japan for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS in 2020!

See the trailer here!

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