Elon Musk announced via his Twitter that the popular farming simulator would be making its way to Tesla cars. Stardew Valley first released back in 2016 and was created by only one person who goes by the alias Concerned Ape, the game became a huge hit and later released on consoles even smartphones.

In the tweet he goes on to say that Lost Backgammon and a few more goodies would be coming when the update launches on Tesla vehicles when it goes live. Tesla has been adding games to their cars for a while now with Cuphead being one of the most popular ones to join the small lineup of games. No word on when the update that includes Stardew Valley drops but Musk has gone on to clarify that the update still needs a few more days of testing before it can even do an early release.

Stardew Valley is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with mobile versions available on iOS and Android.

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