Everything you know is a lie. There is no such thing as a video game company simply named “Sega”. Sega is a brand name. Sega Sammy Holdings is the company that owns the Sega brand name, and below them are Sega Holdings, which are split up into Sega Interactive and Sega Games.

This was all explained by Toshihiro Nagoshi when it was announced that Sega Games and Sega Interactive are merging. Sega Games was responsible for “Amusement Games”, from arcade games to things like crane games. Sega Interactive on the other hand was responsible for the video games made on consoles, phones, and PC that we’re all familiar with.

From April 2020 and onward, both divisions will merge and simply be known as Sega in order to adapt to the ever changing market. This may not seem to make any noticeable difference to the average consumer, but Nagoshi says these changes will lead to them making new, great video games.

It’s also worth noting Sega Holdings will be called Sega Group in 2020.

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