As gamers I know we all love collecting things and Royal Mail have a history of releasing cool postage stamps. Game of Thrones, Marvel and Star Wars all having a limited run of stamps with characters from each franchises printed on them. On January 21st they will release a video game stamp collection that will celebrate British video games from the 1980s and 1990s. The collection will feature 8 stamps with an image from the game, the game’s name, the year the game released and what console the game released for. Tomb Raider will get its own collection. The list of stamps are listed below:

Elite | 1984 | BBC Micro and Acorn Electron Second Class

Dizzy | 1987 | ZX Spectrum £1.60

Populous | 1989 | Commodore Amiga £1.60

Lemmings | 1991 | Commodore Amiga First Class

Micro Machines | 1991 | Sega Mega Drive £1.55

Sensible Soccer | 1992 | Commodore Amiga First Class

Wipeout | 1995 | Sony Playstation £1.55

Worms | 1995 | Commodore Amiga Second Class

The stamp collection will release on January 21st and the prices will vary because in true video game fashion there are all kinds of editions for you to buy. There’s a presentation pack, limited edition game collector’s pack, miniature pack etc. So it will depend on what tickles your fancy and don’t worry if you are not in the UK, these will ship worldwide.

You can purchase the stamp collection here, with Tomb Raider getting its own collector’s sheet here.

Here’s the stamps in all their glory.

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