Intel is sending out it’s first discrete GPU to developers and it’s called the DG1. Intel’s new graphics architecture is called Xe and has three different microarchitectures that operate differently. Xe-LP for low powered devices like phones and tablets, Xe-HP for standard workstations and gaming rigs, and Xe-HPC for high performance computing, like server clusters and supercomputers. The DG1 is from the Xe-LP so for now do not expect desktop performance. Right now it also isn’t meant to be standalone release for consumers, but rather developers to get the hang of the new Xe architecture.

Right now the 11th-generation Intel Line (Tiger Lake) of processors is spearheading the release. These will include Xe-LP integrated graphics, which Intel claims will have double the performance of the last generation of processors. Intel is sending out the DG1 to developers ahead of release to ensure programs can take full advantage of it, and have a successful launch. So the public will have to wait for now to try out the DG1 but Intel did show what it looks like. It has four display outputs, no auxiliary power input, a nine bladed fan 70mm in size, all in a metal shroud with a back plate. The DG1 will also utilize Intel’s Graphics Command Center.

That is currently all we know about the DG1 graphics card, or the Xe architecture. We still don’t know pricing, specs for the other lines, speeds, or how it will compare to AMD and Nvidia. We will keep an eye out for more news regarding Intel and let you know as soon as possible.

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