A new update to Pokémon Go adds even more Pokémon from the Unova region and finally gives us a long awaited feature. Pokémon Go has added about 19 Pokémon from Pokémon Black and White with about 5 being available in certain parts of the world, the long awaited feature that was added in this new update is the ability to evolve certain Pokémon thanks to trading. This makes it so old Pokémon such as Haunter and Graveler can now evolve without needing to use candies, this new feature makes it possible to evolve Shelmet and Karrablast into their second stages like in the mainline games by trading one for the other. The list below has a rough estimate of what new Pokémon can be found in the wild and what certain Pokémon can be found in parts of the world.

  • Roggenrola (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Tympole (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Dwebble (Wild/ 2K Egg)
  • Joltik (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Trubbish (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Karrablast (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Shelmet (Wild/ 5K Egg)
  • Venipede (2K Egg)
  • Axew (10K Egg)
  • Archen (10K Egg)
  • Tirtouga (10K Egg)
  • Timburr (10K Egg)
  • Sawk (Europe, Asia and Australia)
  • Throh (North America, South America and Africa)
  • Sigilyph (Egypt and Greece)
  • Red Stripe Basculin (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Blue Stripe Basculin (Western Hemisphere)
  • Maractus (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and South America)

Source: Pokémon Go

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