Disclaimer: While this is an old Twitter thread from November 2019, the more we go into 2020, the more this is even more accurate.

Twitter user (I’m not that familiar with him so not sure if he’s a previous leaker or not) @NewMarkomoaro has Tweeted a load of Nintendo 2020 news back in November 2019.

That’s a while ago, sure, but now pieces to everything is starting to fall into place, making this worthwhile to mention now.

Firstly, Nintendo was planning Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and Wario Land remakes for 3DS that have now moved to Nintendo Switch, including the recently announced Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, further validating this.

Now he talks about Nintendo’s first half lineup for 2020, which includes Pikmin 3 which would be 1/2 of the Wii U ports Emily Rogers was referring to.

He later goes onto say that a new Donkey Kong Country is coming, however not from Retro, but the real notable thing is that 2/2 Wii U game – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. That makes that next Wii U port fall into place, which lines up with reports.

Finally, we head to a 2D Metroid title, but more importantly sequels over Captain Toad, Wario Ware, Kirby, and Star Fox which will all be announced post E3 2020.

If all of this is true, we hope that Nintendo keeps these remakes faithful, alongside whatever new entries of games they’re also making and not spinning them off to be a gimmick based title.

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