It appears Super Mario Maker 2 is getting new content in the future, which is good news for those that feared for the future of that game. Nintendo’s Japanese official website has released a new article running through the new updates like the Ninji Speedruns and the rather exciting Link power up. The most intriguing part of this article was how the last sentence reads: “”Super Mario Maker 2″ will be updated in the future. Stay tuned for more news!” Here’s the overview trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 to jog your memory.

What would you like from new content? Would it just be new styles like a Super Mario Bros. 2 style or a Paper Mario style? Would it be new items from different games, like a Metroid item or something from Star Fox? (pray for F-Zero). Whatever it is I’m sure we will get a hefty amount of content in the coming months and years.

Source, thanks for the tip My Nintendo News!

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