If you were worried that the free games Epic Games offer throughout their store will start to dry up during 2020, think again. Epic Games have confirmed via a blogpost that they will continue to offer free games throughout 2020. Over on their blog there is also a nice rundown on how the store has performed in 2019. The game you can get for free on the Epic Games Store right now is Sundered: Eldritch Edition.

When the Epic Games Store was first launched, there was a huge debacle within the PC player base. PC players were upset that the Epic Games Store was missing features that Steam had been using for years. Things as simple as a basket to checkout were missing. Epic has since made the quality of life of the store a lot better and have confirmed to be working on missing features in the coming months. However, the free games they give away aren’t as big of an incentive to use the store as they would have hoped. I have well over 60 games on the Epic Games Store and have only payed money for 1 of them. Never say never though, when Steam was first around and you needed it to play Half Life 2 people weren’t happy. It’s all a matter of perspective.

What do you feel about this? Do you use the Epic Games Store or are you a Steam faithful? Let us know!


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