Yakuza 7, releasing in just a few days in Japan (later in the West), will be receiving a multitude of free DLC packs, likely with varying contents. The first of these packs will be releasing at launch.

The first pack will be simply titled “Support Pack Vol. 1”, implying that there’s more of them to come. The contents of this pack include a new costume called “Cleanup Crew”, along with an accessory, and plenty of items and materials. Specifically:

  • Accessory: Substitution Stone
  • Pieces of wood x5
  • Crumbling glass sheets x5
  • Rough skin x5
  • Weird stone x5
  • Toughness Light x3
  • Tauriner x3
The “Cleanup Crew” outfit that will be included in Yakuza 7’s first free DLC pack.

These items are sure to give the player a small head start when going up against Yakuza 7‘s multitude of encounters.

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